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vim ubuntu install

#Ubuntu or Debian
sudo apt install -y vim
Posted by: Guest on July-01-2020

vim download

Want to download Vim 8.2 for Windows?

Go to the appropriate link:
	-Windows 64-bit:
    -Windows 32-bit:

Download and run the appropriate files!
Posted by: Guest on October-05-2020

vim download

Linux (Red Hat based): sudo yum install vim
Linux (Debian based): sudo apt-get install vim
Linux (Arch Based): sudo pacman -S vim
Windows: Just copy and paste this link on your browser... This is the official ftp mirror
MacOS (using brew): brew install vim
Posted by: Guest on April-20-2021

install vim plug

#unix curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs
Posted by: Guest on April-21-2021

install vim linux

git clone
cd vim/src
Posted by: Guest on August-29-2021

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