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git push origin master --force

git push origin --force
Posted by: Guest on August-16-2020

git push

# Once a repo is cloned, you'll be working inside of the default branch (the default is `master`)
git clone<git-user>/<repo-name> && cd <repo-name>
# make changes and stage your files (repeat the `git add` command for each file, or use `git add .` to stage all)
git add <filename>
# now commit your code
git commit -m "added some changes to my repo!"
# push changes in `master` branch to github
git push origin master
Posted by: Guest on March-21-2020

git push origin master python verbose

from git import Repo
repo = Repo('path/to/git/repo')  # if repo is CWD just do '.'

repo.index.commit('my commit description')
origin = repo.remote('origin')
Posted by: Guest on April-12-2020

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