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win 10 add program to startup

Adding app to startup manually:
1. Create app shortcut
2. Drag and drop in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

To test if the app is added successfully:
1. Open task manager
2. Go to Startup
3. The app will be visible
Posted by: Guest on September-24-2020

add application to startup windows

1. Go to the program you want to add to StartUp > right click at the 
program > click Create Shortcut > save it to a folder or to your desktop > 
right click at the shortcut > click Copy.

2. Open Run > at the Run box, type %AppData% > click OK .

3. You are now on Roaming window > right side, click open Microsoft > scroll
downand click open Windows > click open Start Menu > click open Programs > 
click open Startup

4. you are now at Startup window > right side, right click at an open spot >
click Paste > the program you want to add is now in the Startup.
Posted by: Guest on July-22-2020

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