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unity's particle system

you were probably searching this because of dani 
fun fact: the world was created by unity's particle system
Posted by: Guest on January-21-2021

unity's particle system wiki

were you coming here because of dani, or genuinely for
unity's particle system? I came for a wiki article so I could
make a dani meme
Posted by: Guest on July-15-2021

unity's particle system

Posted by: Guest on June-19-2021

about unity's particle system

Unity's particle system, a powerful particle system written for Unity in Mono, a free and open-source .NET Framework-compatible software framework. Unity's particle system supports particles of snowflakes (which can be sprites and models), or hair. Each particle can have a different material, or for the case of sprites, a different texture. Particle systems can also be accelerated by video cards, so many more particle systems can be displayed instead of just flat planes or models which will take longer to render and sacrifice performance for no or worse difference.
Posted by: Guest on August-04-2021

code to unity particle system

Another fun fact is blender partical system is good and yes from the same developers from unitys partical system
Posted by: Guest on June-24-2021

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