Answers for "you have suspended jobs."


you have suspended jobs.

# [Answer: Linux/Bash]
A stopped job is one that has been temporarily put into the background and is no longer running, 
but is still using resources (i.e. system memory). As that job is not attached to the current 
terminal, it cannot produce output and is not receiving input from the user.

The command 'jobs' will display the status of jobs in the current session (bash). 
Some may appear as: 

# [1]  + done       my_command some_options and_maybe |  
#        suspended  my_command

The command 'fg' or 'fg <id>' (for a specific job) can be used to take control of the 
process again. This can be used to complete something you wanted to do; Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+D (twice)
sends a kill signal. 

Alternatively, you call kill the process from another: kill $(jobs -p).
Posted by: Guest on June-30-2021

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