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unity reference parent gameobject

transform.parent.gameObject //Use this to reference the parent of the gameobject
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c# unity parent object

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject player;    //Invoked when a button is pressed.
    public void SetParent(GameObject newParent)
        //Makes the GameObject "newParent" the parent of the GameObject "player".
        player.transform.parent = newParent.transform;        //Display the parent's name in the console.
        Debug.Log("Player's Parent: " +;        // Check if the new parent has a parent GameObject.
        if (newParent.transform.parent != null)
            //Display the name of the grand parent of the player.
            Debug.Log("Player's Grand parent: " +;
    }    public void DetachFromParent()
        // Detaches the transform from its parent.
        transform.parent = null;
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parent unity

public gameobject player
public gameobject Newparent
player.transform.parent = newParent.transform;
Posted by: Guest on December-08-2020

how to get parent gameobject in unity

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